the lonely forest – the final anacortes show – live at the port warehouse [06/07/14]

The Lonely Forest
The Port Warehouse
Anacortes, WA
June 7, 2014

Zoom H4n Handy Recorder [Soundboard+Audience @ 24/48]> Logic Pro X> Audacity> dBPowerAmp

01 Turn Off This Song and Go Outside
02 Blackheart vs. Captain America
03 Let It Go
04 Fire-Breather
05 Two Pink Pills
06 Coyote
07 Left Hand Man
08 Tunnels
09 (I Am) The Love Addict
10 Sandcastle Walls
11 I Don’t Want to Live There
12 Far Outer Banks
13 [encore]
14 We Sing in Time

Uploaded to July 5, 2014

Huge thanks to John, Tony, Eric, and Braydn for letting me mail my equipment out to them to ensure this performance was archived. They’re the coolest, and I’m really gonna miss The Lonely Forest.

Album cover source image credit to Sam Winston
Mixed/mastered by fireworksordie / @fireworksordie /