death cab for cutie – live with the magik*magik orchestra at the omaha music hall [04/11/12]

Death Cab for Cutie with the Magik*Magik Orchestra
Omaha Music Hall
Omaha, NE
April 11, 2012

Audience (CAFS Mics)> Zoom H4n Handy Recorder @ 24/96> Audacity> XLD

01 Intro
02 Passenger Seat
03 Different Names for the Same Thing
04 A Movie Script Ending
05 Title and Registration
06 Grapevine Fires
07 Codes and Keys
08 No Joy in Mudville
09 Little Fury Bugs
10 Death of an Interior Decorator
11 You Are a Tourist
12 Bend to Squares
13 Hindsight
14 Army Corps of Architects
15 What Sarah Said
16 Soul Meets Body
17 Stay Young, Go Dancing
18 [encore]
19 Steadier Footing
20 I Was a Kaleidescope
21 Your Heart Is an Empty Room
22 I Will Follow You into the Dark
23 Tiny Vessels
24 Transatlanticism

Uploaded to July 25, 2013
Recorded, Mixed, and Prepared by fireworksordie / @fireworksordie /


  • ?????

    Just came here from, thanks for this. I haven’t even dl the official one, pretty happy with this.

    • fireworksordie

      hey, thanks! glad you’re enjoying it, i think it turned out quite nicely.

      • I saw your link on WCD and came here too. Thanks so much for this, as the above Simon is correct that there were many great songs missing on the official release. Crazy 2 Simons are the ones that were drawn to this too! lol